Monthly Archives: November 2014

Dark Side of the Sharing Economy

Just received a grant to study the dark side of the sharing economy.  The sharing economy, also called mindful consumption, are companies such as airbnb, lyft, relayrides, taskrabbit, dogvacay, where individuals are matched with other individuals to share ‘resources’.  The openess of this industry leads to abuse by some.  Many of you may know a guest booked through a popular rental site left $18,000 worth of damage to my home.  I’m looking for individuals who are the provider of services to the sharing economy who may have experience bad behavior by users.  Do you rent your house? Are you a uber driver? Do you run errands for others? Do you know of bad behavior that happened to someone?  Share your experiences here.  Also feel free to note good experiences.


Skeuomorphism : an online issue

Having just joined the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Innovation + Design Cluster at NC State in Raleigh, I’m new to the world of design. I didn’t know that there is a Skeuomorphic (rendering real world characteristics in onscreen elements)  vs. a Flat (with bold colors, unadorned icons, transparent overlays, and typography-based design) debate.

‘Skeuomorphism is out’ ( and ‘Flat is in’ or maybe it’s ‘Flat is out’ ( and ‘Skeuomorphism is in’.

Some say it’s a battle between an Apple design (skeuomorphic) or Google design (flat). Here is an example from

Where the left is skeuomorphic and the right is flat, the middle is Google’s flat.  I happen to fall into liking flat more than the reality of skeuomorphic. What team do you side with?