Skeuomorphism : an online issue

Having just joined the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Innovation + Design Cluster at NC State in Raleigh, I’m new to the world of design. I didn’t know that there is a Skeuomorphic (rendering real world characteristics in onscreen elements)  vs. a Flat (with bold colors, unadorned icons, transparent overlays, and typography-based design) debate.

‘Skeuomorphism is out’ ( and ‘Flat is in’ or maybe it’s ‘Flat is out’ ( and ‘Skeuomorphism is in’.

Some say it’s a battle between an Apple design (skeuomorphic) or Google design (flat). Here is an example from

Where the left is skeuomorphic and the right is flat, the middle is Google’s flat.  I happen to fall into liking flat more than the reality of skeuomorphic. What team do you side with?


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