E-waste recycling : a gift for the holidays!

Here’s a great article on E-waste in Wired-


For the holiday season, many people will be receiving new electronics and that means disposing of their old electronics.  But even recycling e-waste can be a difficult endeavor, particularly for those products with the nicest design. The writer claims that, “While no one we spoke with would say so outright, Apple products are among the most difficult to recycle. (Apple did not respond to repeated requests for a comment.) The very things that make them the most marketable—multiple colors, thin profile, big glass displays, seamless cases—also make them difficult to disassemble.”

So what is a consumer to do?  As part of the gift giving experience, include information on where to recycle electronics.  As my gift to you here are the most common places (sorry these only apply to the US):




However, if designers thought about how their designs impact the environment, this would be a gift to mankind.  I’ve addressed this issue in Chapter 12 of my book, Creating and Marketing New Products and Services.  And if I ever find some time, I’m writing a chapter about this topic for a new book being distributed by the PDMA (Product Development Management Association).

Hope you have a Green Christmas/Holiday Season!


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